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The Artful Way

    Quinn and The Artful Way are dedicated to providing creative experiences that will increase joy, self-awareness and empowerment.  Quinn is passionate about life and it shows in her art and her yoga classes.

Participants find out about these opportunities through word-of-mouth. So Tell your friends about the Artful Way.

Art Classes

Quinn believes that creating art can add joy to life and serve as a window to the soul. To accomplish this, she teaches art classes to adults.  These ART ESCAPES are delightful journeys into creativity are enjoyed by people who wish to develop their artistic side in a supportive and nurturing setting. 

Don't Miss our next Art Escape -

Watercolors ArtEscape at Denver Botanic Gardens  (Date to be determined)

A Day of Fun with Fabulous Flowers and Wonderful People

Click here for further details.



Yoga will change your life!   Yoga can increase your strength, flexibility, balance, and reduce your stress.  It can ground you and bring calmness to your life.

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I am teaching a 6:00 pm Wednesday evening class and a 9:00 am Tuesday morning class in my home.    If you are interested in additional YOGA classes, contact me at or call me at 970-817-9564.

Yoga Schedule: 
        6:00 pm Wednesday Yoga

        9:00 am Tuesday Yoga


Art Gallery

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Quinn's paintings range from the bold and playful to the mysterious and spiritual. Her paintings tell  a intriguing story but leave something to the viewer's imagination.  She paints in series that are inspired by events of her life.




A labyrinth is the a path to the center of the Soul.  Quinn  constructed a labyrinth on her property from 15 tons of rock.  Take a look. 

Summer Solstice party on Sunday, June 21, 2015.  Come a

walk our Labyrinth, followed by happy hour, 3 to 6 pm Sunday, June 21, 2015.
Please bring a bottle of wine, some beer, or an appetizer.  See you then.


Quinn's Writing 

Great News - -  I am this year's first place winner of The Unknown Writers' Contest sponsored by the DENVER WOMAN'S PRESS CLUB for my nonfiction essay "The Color of Love."  For those of you readers, the essay is at the "News at Artful Way" page.  I would love to hear your comments.

Follow Quinn's other writings at her blog.  ( )



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 providing creative experiences that will increase joy, self-awareness and empowerment.  Our mission is to transmit positive feelings of joy, excitement, adventure ...    Quinn is passionate about life and it shows in her art, her yoga practice, and her empowerment classes ... Located east of Berthoud, half way between Loveland and Longmont, Colorado.
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