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The Meditative Art of

Sumi-e and Chinese Brush Painting


Quinn will teach the art of Sumi-e and Chinese Brush Painting.  All levels welcome.  Sumi-e Painting, more generally refered to as Oriental brush painting, includes Korean, Chinese and Japanese (Sumi-e) brush painting.  Sumi-e is rooted in a tradition over two thousand years old. In Japan, the Zen priests first practiced this art to improve their spirituality and meditation through artistic concentration, inspiration and perfection.

When:       Sunday, TBA
1:00 - 4:30 pm

Where:     Quinn's Home


                  Directions at

Cost:         $50.00


1.       your Sumi supplies if you have them.  Otherwise, Quinn will provide all
 brushes, ink, and paper;  

2.      an empty cottage cheese container; 

3.      a tiny jar with a lid (baby food or cosmetic jar);

4.      an old rag or dish towel; and 

5.      a small plate of food to share at tea break

This class is very popular and lots of fun.  Class size is limited and will fill up fast. 
Donít miss out!

Drop your register in the mail soon or  Register now on-line. 

Download the registration form (31 KB)  and mail it in later.  

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