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A labyrinth is the a path to the center of the Soul.


We are inviting all of our friends to our house for a Solstice Party,  3 to 6 pm Sunday, June 21, 2015. 
You are invited to a Solstice Party,  3 to 6 pm Sunday, June 21, 2015.
Come and walk our Labyrinth, followed by happy hour, 3 to 6 pm Sunday, June 21, 2015.
Please bring a bottle of wine, some beer, or an appetizer.
See you then.


Answers to commonly asked questions:

Q    What is a labyrinth anyway?
 A    Get on the web. look up  the labyrinth society

Q     Whose idea was it to build a labyrinth?
A     Quinn's.  For some time she has wanted one which is was one reason they bought land in the country.
Q     What kind of labyrinth are you building?
A     A medieval one based on the one at Chartres Cathedral in France.

Q.    How big is it?
A.    We are building the biggest of the big -12 circuits.

Q.  Why didn't you build a smaller one?
A    That isn't the Mike Reed way.

Q    How long did id take to complete?
A    About a season; The grass and mother nature took a little longer.

Q.   What are the paths be made out of?
A    Buffalo grass and Blue Grama.

Q.   Who is the brains behind it?
A.    Mike He is an engineer so he does the measurements and the plotting of it on the ground.

Q.    How did you know where to put the center?
A.    Mike researched dowsing, made dowsing rods out of coat hangers and found the energy point center.

Q     Who is the brawn behind it?
A     Quinn, she is laying the stone.

Q      How much stone needs to be laid?
 A     At least 15 tons

Q    How is that going?
A    It is brutal work - every muscle hurts, even the feet.

Q.    Is it fun to lay?
A    Yes, she loves the clinking sound the stones make when they touch.

Q    I heard that you have 5 giant ash trees in you labyringth- isn't that unusual?
A    Yes, Mike's idea.  He thought filtered light would be nice when you walk it.  We placed the trees in a pentagon - each tree is dedicated to a loved one who has died.  We call it the ring of ancestors.

Q.    How much does it cost to build this labyringth?
A.    About the same as a trip to Europe.

Q.    Are you guys crazy?
A     Been to Europe-never had a labyringth

Q.    How long will it take to walk it?
A     It is one quarter mile in and one quarter mile out.

Q    Can I walk it?
A    Sure

Q     Will it cost me?
A     Bring wine and some good karma.  

Q    How weird are you guys anyway?
A    About an 8 on a scale of 10
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